A central purchasing at your service

Here are some of the reasons why you will gain in profitability and increase your margins with Us. No intermediaries

The principle of our strength is simple: « The more our network grows and the cheaper our partner members buy their products. »

Winner – Winner

Our network of customers that we call « partner members » now extends throughout France and Europe. Thanks to the growing number of our Partner Members, our negotiating strength with manufacturers and suppliers is constantly increasing. Thanks to Us, they benefit from the prices and services of a real central purchasing agency without the contractual constraints of this one.

Who are our Partner Members?

  • Franchised large groups wanting to increase their margins and benefit from the efficiency of another central purchasing, offering better prices and without constraints.
  • Cash & Carry, wishing to develop their activity: « Sell more and Marger more » while remaining focused on their Sales.
  • Wholesalers eager to always buy at the best price and wishing to diversify their product lines to increase their sales volumes and increase their margins.
  • Importers / Exporters looking for a serious and efficient global supplier able to feed them on a regular basis without breaking.